Starting Your Profitable Website or Blog…or Both

Dear Reader,

Only after proper keyword and product research will you be ready to publish, index and actually rank your website and/or Blog in Google. But what is a website exactly? A website is where your profits come from in many ways, promoting affiliate products and gaining email list subscribers. To be able to know how to make money from home will take time and will not be easy, but rest assured that it will be worth it. As mentioned earlier, populate your website content with your keyword search results for astonishing results. Your Home Page should be purely tutorial, and inspiring in nature because you never sell on your home page. Your website home page must focus on engagement, with interesting and helpful content inspiring a need to want to know more.

Tutorial Videos is a great way to prove to your audience you are professional and get recognized, which is why knowledge is so important. A separate Page must contain your affiliate offers, and the about page and contact me page is a valued addition to any website. It proves to Google that you are professional. Your affiliate promotion page can be something like “Tools I Use” or “My Favorites” and even “More Tactics” and you must Always Offer Products You Have Extensive Knowledge On.

Always load graphic content to your website as large as you possibly can, because it’s a drastic increase in resolution when you shrink the images to the size you need. It is important to be moderate with graphic content and video, because too much will result in your website and/or Blog taking too long to load. Millions of visitors are lost this way because your website must load in six seconds or less, beyond which point most visitors simply move on to the next search. Within no more than three clicks from your home page, your visitor must land on the appropriate product.

When A Website and/or Blog’s Content is interesting, helpful and inspiring then you will never have need for a sales pitch…ever. Your Blog is to share, engage and inspiring your audience with the link to your website in each Blog Post Signature. But these are the basic tactics to building your internet and affiliate marketing empire.  Your level of achievement and success will largely rely on your attitude and not your aptitude. Take your time with these kind of methods and tactics because it’s a tiny piece of a very large picture, but also the most important part.

Conclusion – Proper keyword, keyword phrase and anchor text research is equally important to relevant content creation. Incorrect targeting result in thousands of visitors with absolutely no conversion, which defeats the purpose entirely. Offering the wrong product is another common mistake to the majority of affiliate marketers perhaps not so successful yet. Your website is important, because successful affiliate marketers generate sales by means of only two methods. Their own websites, and email lists to every website.

Be Prosperous, 

Deon Christie