The 5 basic steps of Successful Internet Marketing? Let’s Investigate…

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A good place to start will be creating your own blog, and you may want to use the two largest blogging platforms on the internet. These platforms are Word Press and Google Blogger. Google Blogger may prove to be a little more user-friendly, where Word Press can be a little more complicated with widgets and gadgets. Once you have your blog, you will want to move to your next step.

Your own email list is the only thing that separates you from being a super internet marketer, because that is how professionals rake in the thousands. You must have your own email list complete with Auto responder and Newsletter emails. Your web form to gain subscribers to your list should be on your blog, and your content must convince your visitor to subscribe.

Next will be your content creation which will also be responsible for you creating your own website, and populate the contents with relevant keywords. Having your own email list and building trust with your subscribers will ultimately lead to you creating your own eBooks and Articles to share with your list. Your own website allows you the advantage of being able to promote any product within your niche.

Creating your own Groups and Pages on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn will be part of your tools for getting visitors to your website. And by following the steps this far, it will only cost you the price of hosting your domain and website. The rest of these steps are 100% free and will cost you nothing.

Two of the best tactics to obtaining maximum targeted visitors are publishing eBooks and Articles. This is important in generating the life changing kind of online income, because it will brand you as a professional. Publishing an eBook or Article is one thing, but publishing on high ranking publishing websites is quite another. Use the free tools like Google Page Rank checker by simply following the link on the search page.

Try publishing an average of two articles per day, once you have found a high ranking publisher by using the free Google tools. This tool also works well in establishing high ranking submission and ping sites to submit your website and blog. The higher the page rank, the more potential visitors your website or blog may receive.

All your published work must only contain URLs to your own personal websites, blogs and email list landing pages. Never share raw affiliate links on social media, which is why you must have your own websites and blogs to share. Everything molds into one with making money online, and regardless of the method it will always be about the content.

Gather as much information and knowledge regarding your niche, because that will enable you to write relevant and useful content. Content is King and moderation its Queen, because making money online is an art and not a contest. When your content is original you can even achieve traffic percentages up to 250%, and they’re all interested in your offer.

Success is accomplished through your attitude, not aptitude.

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