Your Empire with Blogging As The Corner Stone

Valued Reader,

Not many people succeed in making money online, even with some of the best work from home jobs it may prove much easier said than done. There is a sequence that eventually leads to creating a website of your own, regardless of the rumors that you don’t need one. It may be true that you don’t need a website to make money online as an affiliate marketer, but it sure makes a huge difference if you have.

Affiliate Marketing is a derivative of Internet Marketing, and understanding the logic of how to make money from home as an affiliate marketer is important. There are three basic steps to follow toward success and building an internet empire, and a willingness to learn is your most valuable tool. Keep it simple and take tiny steps because success is just tiny objective steps in the right direction. This is how to work your way toward building a profitable website.


Start With Keyword Research – You want to leverage Google by means of the best keywords and by doing that, get floods of visitors to your website interested in your offers. There are three different categories of keyword research and they are; Keywords, Keyword Phrases and Anchor Text. Keywords are single words best describing your niche, product and/or website. Keywords should be present in your domain name and website title, or any other title as a post or even an article and a comment. Keyword phrases is normally two to three words, and should populate your general content.


With article publishing you use keyword phrases in your article summary. The third tactic is Anchor Text, which is a longer phrase and usually four to six words. Anchor text is a search phrase often entered into web browsers searching for a specific product, and is a great way to boost actual sales. Anchor text must be in your content to compliment your keyword phrases, because these three tactics combined is what laser targeted buyer traffic is all about.


And On To Product Research – Once you have your keywords, keyword phrases and anchor text established and preferably saved as a Word or PDF File. Product Research is important and it must be based on the result of your Keyword Research, and that is the only real “secret” to actually making money online. There are various aspects to be considered with product research, and you must also know your level of competition because this is a numbers game. Even with keyword research you always aim at high volume and low to medium competition. Product research enable you to provide your audience with a product in demand that is specific to a particular audience’s search.


One important thing to focus on is that the product offer a money back guarantee, this is known to successful affiliate marketers as a “Back Door” and inspires trust. An important part of Product Research is actually purchasing and testing or using that which you intend to promote.

Product knowledge is crucial to relevant, interesting and useful content. Content and Knowledge is the King and Queen of actual sales and making money online.

Wishing You Prosperity, 

Deon Christie